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2021 OTCA Membership and Entry in Girl's State Team Tournamant

Don't forget to join or renew your 2021 OTCA Membership and entry into the Girl's State Team Tournament -Just click the link below:

Deadline for the 2021 Girls' Tournament is July 1, 2021


The Board has put together a Quick Reference Guide of the rules & regulations that are most asked about from the OHSAA Tennis Manual.  It is two (2) pages in length and all you have to do is print it out (back to back) and if you like laminate it and put it in your tennis binder or bag so if you need a rule clarification during a match you can pull it out quickly and find it.  Now not all rules are on there from the manual.  If not listed on the quick reference guide than refer to the manual or call a rules interpreter.

Dual Match Rule Update

  1. Tennis plays CAN play in a bracketed tournament with participants from several other schools involved (i.e. the U.S. Open). This is what the health department is considering as “one event or one contest.”
  2. They CANNOT play a dual match against more than one school in one day, whether it was scheduled as a “round robin” tournament event with, say, three schools or four schools, or not. If this were permitted, then we would allow volleyball to continue to play tri and quad matches on the same day, and we are not.

Suggested COVID-19 Guidelines for Tennis

The OTCA has put together a list of SUGGESTIONS that might help you conduct practices during this tennis season.  Please remember these are just suggestions, your guidelines will come from your school district, OHSAA, and or Ohio Government.



OTCA is ......The junior high school, high school, and college tennis coaches in the state of Ohio are organized under this organization to promote the game of tennis throughout the state. All efforts of the Ohio Tennis Coaches’ Association will be directed toward the development of excellent players, the establishment of high standards in the game, and the encouragement of as many students as possible to participate in tennis. 

We are looking for photos, videos, information, etc. to help make our website even better.  If you have anything that you would like posted (especially photos), please submit them to Mike McGee at his email below.

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